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Posted on: February 2 2023

The final aroma is translucent; should this be converted?

We notice that the last aroma we got was translucent. We used to get raspberry flavor with a pink color. Can these aromas be exchanged and how?


Traditionally, most aromas are colorless and serve only to add flavor and aroma. There have been aromas that also contain a coloring agent and thus also color the solution. Because aromas are not in an official monograph such as the European Pharmacopoeia, there is no standard and there can be a lot of difference. The result is also that there are few flavorings with a license number.

Due to the large differences in aromas on the market, it is always advisable to taste the difference and it is not possible to give an unequivocal conversion between aromas. In general, aromas are dosed at 1-3g/kg.