The Qualenica preparation service

The Qualenica preparation service consists of mobile teams, comprising a pharmacist and assistant, who help make up preparations in the pharmacy. These ‘flying pharmacists’ are perfectly qualified to create a wide range of preparations in a high quality and efficient manner. Our teams bring their own adapted, semi-industrial equipment, with all of the raw materials they need to create a preparation in the pharmacy. You have a transparent price for a finished preparation and don’t need to spend your time making it. This unique preparation service is available for in-house, as well as stock preparations.

Qualenica auto

Own brand?

  • For a pharmacist, having an ‘own brand’ is the ideal chance to create customer loyalty with patients. The patient has a clear reason to return to the pharmacy. Own brands have been shown to contribute to customer loyalty and differentiation. The higher margin is worth mentioning too. But only a good own brand offers the best solution against parapharmacies and online-dispensaries which don't have these preparations.
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Systems and Expertise make the difference

Our preparation teams make the difference with semi-industrial equipment. We are continuously investing in automatic capsule makers, powder blenders, large mixers, and so on. This ensures we can make top quality preparations quickly and efficiently. This speed is passed on in our competitive prices without you having to invest in this type of equipment. We have now expanded to become the largest producer and therefore benefit from the volume of raw materials used. The Qualenica team members undertake training at regular intervals in order to stay up to date with current standards. There is also an internal programme of chemical analyses of finished preparations to optimise formulas, support those creating the preparations, and to raise quality to the highest possible level.



An own brand can be used for in-house preparations, own brand nutritional supplements, and also cosmetics. A comprehensive range of formulas, covering 200 products, is available in the in-house preparations section. Bulk nutritional supplements, with which to replenish your own brand, can be purchased via the FSA webshop. Our preparation service offers both in-house and stock preparations. The possibilities are endless. For IMV pharmacies (which offer individual medication preparation), there is a special service for halving tablets and repackaging them in coloured capsules.


Graphic design 

Our graphic designer will create your brand image, together with logo, labels, and promotional products. We will invest in your own brand. Our printing service will print labels which are perfect for the various packs. This is all inclusive at no extra cost!

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The cosmetics industry is undergoing significant changes since the introduction of online pharmacies and the emergence of parapharmacies. That is why Magis Pharma offers the Sensitique range; a top quality range of cosmetic and dermatological products which pharmacies can offer to patients under their own brand. All products have undergone a full cosmetic registration process and are priced competitively to appeal to a wide range of patients. Additional marketing tools are available for Sensitique’s own brand cosmetics to in order to prevent the sale of cosmetics moving from the pharmacy to an online discount site..


Sensitique display

Prices and innovation

Qualenica is an innovative preparation service and current market leader in the preparation market. Since its foundation, the concept has been awarded several prizes. As a start-up, financing was provided by IMinds and the King Baudouin Association, and prize money was won in various major business plan competitions, such as Bizidee.