Our production locations comply with GMP standards

Within the group, we have two production sites which work under GMP conditions, licensed by FAGG, under the Royal Decree ‘97. The site in Sint-Lenaarts specialises in powders (API (hormones) & excipients), and the site in Kontich focuses on liquids and flammable products. Did you know that our production location in Kontich is a listed heritage site?


Quality control

An important aspect in the organisation is our high-performance lab. This enables us to guarantee the quality of the finished products from start to finish. Having our own facility means we can work more quickly and more efficiently thus ensuring that we have fewer back-order products than other raw material suppliers.


Professional and flexible logistics for rapid delivery. 

In order to capitalise on the strong growth of the business, all finished products are stocked externally. This enables flexible growth and quick delivery. 


A strong team

Magis Pharma employs over 40 people, 12 of whom are pharmacists! This gives us an insight into the market and the problems experienced by pharmacists. This prompted the creation of FSA and Qualenica. With the help of Professor Kinget, as shareholder, we have been able to create an excellent formula helpdesk which supports pharmacies with all of their questions. This service is offered free of charge. Magis Pharma invests in a strong group with dedicated employees. We have a clear HR policy whereby we invest in the development of employees and plan great team-building events.



The day-to-day management is carried out by four equal partners, who are listed alphabetically: