The Magis Pharma FFP2 mouth masks with the following data are being recalled:
Name: FFP2 Mouth Mask
Brand: Leikang
Model: LK-008
CNK: 4267571
Tests show that the respirator does not meet the requirements EN 149:2001 + A1:2009 points 7.9.1 (total inward leakage) and 7.9.2 (penetration of filter material). As a result, it does not adequately protect the user against harmful aerosols.
The packaging also lacks various information such as (recommended storage, the sentence 'Leakage requirements are unlikely to be met if there is facial hair under the face seal', ...)
The EU declaration of conformity is also not added to the packaging.

For that reason we want to recall this product from the market and this reference will not be further commercialized.

If you, as a distributor or consumer, still have products in stock, please inform us so that we can organize a recall. You will be compensated for this.