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Posted on: September 21 2020

What is Liquifine®?




Liquifine® is a ready-to-use dispersion medium (based on modified starch) for the production of pharmaceutical suspensions.

Liquifine® is available in 2 forms:

Liquifine® pH4 Liquid 500 mL 

Processing of acid stable active substances (i.e. most of the active substances)

Processing of acid sensitive active substances (i.e. omeprazole en furosemide); therefore a standardized quantity of sodium bicarbonate should be added

Liquifine® Alkalic dry 40 g and 6.3 g (pre-filled bottles)

Processing of acid sensitive active substances (i.e. omeprazole en furosemide)

Technical Data Liquifine®: 

Liquifine® pH4 Liquid 500 mL 

CNK: 4225-637 (orange) | 4491-650 (cherry)


Water, modified food starch, sodium benzoate (<0,1%), citric acid, sucralose and orange / cherry flavour


4.0 - 5.0 

> 7 after addition of NaHCO3 (4.04 g/100 mL suspension)

Liquifine® Alkalic dry 40 g and 6.3 g (pre-filled bottles)

CNK:  4324-471 (40 g) | 4324-463 (6.3 g)


modified food starch, calcium carbonate and sucralose (powder for reconstitution)


> 7

Certification of Liquifine® pH4 Liquid 500 mL and Liquifine® Alkalic dry:

All components used in Liquifine® are designated as safe. Free from gluten, lactose and other allergy-inducing components. Free from sugar and ethanol. All ingredients used are Kosher, Vegan and Halal. All ingredients are also free from heavy metals, radiation, GMO, BSE/TSE, residual solvents and NDMA's.