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Posted on: March 6 2013

How would you prepare this cream? Hydroquinone 4% Vitamin C 3% Na hyposulfite 0.2% Prednisolone 1% Cremor hydrosorbatis 50% PMF ad 30g


The water solubility of Hydroquina is 1 in 14; This means that for 4% you need 56 g of water and for this you will have a little shortage. There are two possibilities, which I would try in order:
  1. We use Cremor Hydrosorbatis 57% and hope that the increased amount of water can be processed in the fat phase;
  2. If this fails, the amount of Hydroquina can be reduced to 3.5%
The remaining products do not give any problems; Prednisolone is rubbed off with the CR è me. As already mentioned at & #039; > question 58 is not added after Hyposulfite.