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Posted on: March 6 2013

Do you happen to have a procedure for ibuprofen ampoules?


with the participation of Apoth. M. Dooms I do not have a real procedure. I suspect that ibuprofen can be dissolved in water with NaHCO3. Widely used is also lysine and then the following composition could be used:

Lysine monohydrate L 1800mg Ibuprofen 2000mg Water up to 200ml

But I cannot find a shelf life.

Apparently, ibuprofen can also be dissolved by using a 30% after benzoate solution. 200mg of ibuprofen is dissolved in 5ml of an aqueous solution, which contains 30% after benzoate, 0.1% after metabisulfite, 0.01% disodium EDTA. The solution was sterilized by filtration. After 28 days of storage in the refrigerator, 93% are recovered. So the shelf life can be set at 1 month when stored in the refrigerator.

Also using important amounts of cosolvents, an injectable solution could also be prepared. But the use of cosolvents is not recommended.

Two possibly interesting articles I found:

  1. Formulation and evaluation of ibuprofen injections by N. Jain and A. Jahagirdar in Pharmazie, 44, (10) 727-728
  2. Stability of Ibuprofen injection solutions in Am. J. Health Syst. Pharm 2005